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A foggy start but early clearing and sun the rest of the day. Up to near 22C by afternoon.

Early on the route we (sadly) left the Czech Republic and crossed into Austria.

There was lots of climbing today with great descents!

We saw beautiful farms immediately after entering Austria, in rolling hills.

BELOW - Climbing above the early morning river valley fog


BELOW - At the Czech border - we've had a wonderful 3 weeks in Czech! Hate to leave!

BELOW RIGHT - Czech Republic monument to all border guards who

fought for a democratic Czechoslovakia in 1938.


BELOW LEFT - Time for a snack but the squirrel ate my energy bar

BELOW RIGHT - Another fun off-road ride through the forest


BELOW LEFT - Beautiful Austrian farmhouse

BELOW RIGHT - Relaxing on a cow bench


BELOW - Another beautiful Austrian farmhouse with grapes, apples & pears

growing amongst the flowers on the front of the house.


BELOW LEFT - Climbing out of Zwetl It was amazing how hard a climb

seemed on these heavy pannier-laden mountain bikes.

BELOW MIDDLE - Church of Saints Michael and Ursula in Linz, Austria

BELOW RIGHT - Stadtpfarrkirche - Linz Parish Church


BELOW - Twin onion-domed towers of Alter Dom (Old Cathedral) in Linz,

and its lavish, Baroque interior with an elaborate wood-carved pulpit.


BELOW - Beautiful buildings in the shopping area of Linz


View of Hauptplatz (Main Square) in Linz from our 15th century hotel window.

Basically, the three pictures form a panorama of the skyline view.


BELOW LEFT - Another amazing vegetarian meal at Paa in Linz - can't tell you what any of it was

because the menu wasn't in English. Sure was good though!

BELOW RIGHT - Linz at night