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Prague to Salzburg - Cycling Day 5 - Hluboka nad Vltavou to Český Krumlov

Beautiful day! We started with a little fog along the river but after 5km, it was sunny and

warmed to about 22C. We spent almost the entire day on back roads and wonderful bike paths.

We were glad to arrive early enough to have plenty of time to explore Český Krumlov.

Below - Early morning fog on the river


BELOW - Beautiful building on the square (Namesti Premysla Otakara) in České Budějovice

(also known as Budweis in German or English) in South Bohemia, Czech Republic.

 This square is one of the biggest in the Czech Republic

with Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic buildings.


BELOW - Fred mimicking this straw character that was in the square for a festival.

BTW, České Budějovice is the home of the original Budweiser beer - the brewery

is just off the square. It was too early to try one when we were there.


BELOW - Taking off extra clothing before descending a great 12% grade bike path in a forest.


Dappled sunlight on muddy potholes on the bike path .


We arrived in Český Krumlov about 1:00 P.M. - perfect time for exploring the town!

BELOW - Reflections of the town and castle tower on the Vltava River in Český Krumlov

This town is a protected monument on UNESCO's World Heritage Site list.


Český Krumlov is an outstanding example of a small central European medieval town

 whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its

peaceful evolution over more than five centuries.


BELOW LEFT - The twisty Vltava River makes a perfect "S" through the town

and ropes the Old Town into a tight peninsula.


Rising above the river and historic center is the mid-13th century castle, the 2nd largest

in Czech (after Prague castle). It was rebuilt in the 16th century in Renaissance style.

The complex consists of 40 richly decorated Renaissance

and Gothic style buildings and palaces.


BELOW - On the castle wall. St Vitus Church through the portal


BELOW - In the castle garden. It is Baroque style and spans an area of ten hectares


Dusk shot of castle and tower from our great vegetarian restaurant (Laibon) on the river