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The Prague to Salzburg bike trip started today. This week we were self-guided, so there were lots

of new challenges (reading GPS which turned out to be trickier than expected;

trying to remember a few Czech words - not easy!). 

We are posting two days of riding on this first page, as the rain kept our photos to a minimum.


ABOVE - We hated to leave our warm room in Prague and start

our next adventure in the rain, but we're anxious to see new sights.

BELOW LEFT - One of the rocky off-road bike trails today -

better than the muddy, rutted farm road earlier in the day!

BELOW MIDDLE - Yes, bike route 302 does send us UP this grassy hill.

It was hard pushing the heavy loaded bike! The top is a long way up beyond the trees.


BELOW - Sv. Jacuba Kostel (St. Jacob Church) in our destination town, Pribram.

It was nice to see a little sun at the end of the day!

Pribram is a small, historical mining town. We arrived late and

walked around town a little, but didn't take any photos.


BELOW  - Our second day of cycling took us from Pribram to Pisek, Czech Republic.

A few more glitches today. Fred's cyclometer receiver popped off, and his handlebars

needed some adjusting, but we had lots of tools and spare parts.

We have a great tool kit, extra chains, tubes, etc.


BELOW - Orlik Chateau was built at the beginning of the 13th century as a royal castle.

Throughout the centuries it was rebuilt and extended to its present neo-gothic appearance.



BELOW MIDDLE - At the "cyclists, please walk your bikes" sign

in front of Hrad Zvikov (Zvikov Castle)


Hrad Zvikov was constructed in the 13th century. In the 14th and 15th centuries

the castle with its mighty fortification system served as a protection for the nobility.

In the case of danger they escaped behind its strong walls.


BELOW LEFT - Local wildlife floating peacefully on a pond.

BELOW MIDDLE - Pisek. We walked around town in the evening and enjoyed a great Greek dinner.

BELOW RIGHT - Church across from our hotel (Hotel Biograf - great hotel).


Even though the weather was not optimal, we really enjoyed the hills and trails.