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Today we cycled from Tábor, Czech Republic to Benešov.

It was misty in the morning with gradual drying and warming.

We finally saw some sun after we arrived in Benešov.

This was our longest and hilliest day of the trip.


Benešov began to be settled in the 11th century. The first settlers are believed

to have arrived on Karlov Hill in 1050 during the Přemyslid dynasty.

A small monastery was founded here in 1246 by Tobias of Benešov ,

the Prague provost and an uncle of the late Bishop of Prague, Tobias of Bechine.

By 1300 they left and the property was sold to the Lord of Sternberg.

In 1420 the then mostly German populated city was conquered and burned by the Hussites.

BELOW LEFT and MIDDLE - The Remaining wall of Gothic Cathedral built in late 1100 AD

BELOW RIGHT - The Gothic parish church of Saint Mikulase in Benešov .


BELOW - Baroque altar of the Gothic parish church of Saint Mikulase in Benešov.


BELOW - The Central square in Benešov


BELOW - Toasting a great tour at our last night's meal

with plum brandy "slivovice" - very strong!