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Today we cycled from Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic to Tábor.

It’s not often that a city in Central Europe receives a biblical name. One exception is Tábor,

named after Mount Thabor near Nazareth in Israel. Its founders, who were supporters

of the Czech Hussite reform movement, built it with the determination to create a new

commonwealth that rejected human laws and was governed only by the law of God.

Its residents surrendered all their property, which was then divided according to need.


The water chateau Červená Lhota is one of the best known and most romantic

renaissance chateaus in Bohemia, it is located in the south of Bohemia,

about 20 kilometers of Jindřichův Hradec. The chateau, situated on a small

rocky cliff in the middle of a pond, is a popular site to many Czech fairy tales.

Chateau Cervena Lhota (in Czech means "red tax break") The lord who built this

red chateau got a break on his taxes for many years by developing

the surrounding land into a small village.


A labyrinth of medieval streets, monumental city walls, and a fascinating history.

You’ll find all this in the South Bohemian city of Tábor, founded in the 15th century

as a model of the perfect city, where everyone is equal.


BELOW - Tábor Festivities, when the city comes alive with historical fairs,

processions and knightly tournaments.


BELOW - We discovered a pastry called a trdelnik. These are sold hot with a dusting

of cinnamon, sugar, and nuts. Sweet and a little flaky, they're an inexpensive snack

that will warm your fingers and satisfy your sweet tooth.


BELOW - As night began, we were still at the festival listening to the various music artists.

Our favorite was the headliner for the music festival - Marie Rottrova. The crowd went wild!