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Today we cycled from Telč, Czech Republic to Jindřichův Hradec.

It rained all day and stayed cool (15C). We wore full rain gear the entire day

and were glad for a hot shower when we reached our hotel.


ABOVE - Full rain gear all day. We rode at least 10km off road with rocks,

mud, sand and lots of large puddles. Quite an adventure!


We toured the castle in Jindřichův Hradec. The elegant Renaissance chateau

has been the symbolof Jindřichův Hradec for hundreds of years.

Its fortunate location at the crossroads of busy trade routes helped to foster

fast and favorable international commerce. Thanks to its centuries-old traditions

and architectural and cultural monuments, it is still a vital social and cultural hub.


The majestic complex of the castle and chateau buildings in Jindřichův Hradec,

which was declared a national cultural monument in 1996, ranks among the Czech

Republicís largest heritage complexes. Since they only have tours in

Czech language, our guide Lada interpreted for us.


BELOW - Another great vegetarian meal!