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Today we traveled from Vranov nad Dyji to Telč,Czech Republic. Our day began with a private

guided tour of the Vranov nad Dyji Chateau. At the top of a promontory along the Dyje River,

the castle was built in the 11th century as part of a defense system.

In 1687 it began reconstruction into a magnificent Baroque residence.


BELOW - Two courtyards inside the chateau grounds, a delightful mix of architectural styles.


Our bike tour guide arranged for a private tour of the chateau.


The Castle tour guide was very well informed and  gave us a very detailed tour.


BELOW - Ceramic furnaces. In addition to castle information,

we also learned a lot of Czech history.


BELOW - We visited a pillbox. The Czechoslovak government built a system of border

fortifications, as well as some fortified defensive lines inland, from 1935 to 1938

as a defensive countermeasure against the rising threat of Nazi Germany.


BELOW - Our guide gave us a tour of Slavonice, Czech Republic.

The town of Slavonice can thank the establishment of a post stage between Prague

and Vienna in the 16th century for its grandeur. This asset gave the townsfolk

sufficient means to show off their wealth through their dwellings.

When the post road was re-routed and the town was decimated by Swedish troops,

the plague and the Thirty Years War, it’s as though time stopped here.

This means that you can still stroll among wonderfully decorated façades of houses

that look as they did minutes after the Renaissance architects laid down their tools.


BELOW, LEFT - We enjoyed a special hot chocolate, handmade by a

chocolate expert, from 75% Costa Rican / Nairobi chocolate!

BELOW, RIGHT - A few of at least 100 buildings around the square in Telč.

The center one is Rococo and the other two are Baroque architecture