Cortina d'Ampezzo - Entrance to the Dolomites

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Our first hotel and some of the views from the many windows of our corner room


Cortina  is a ski resort in Italy (home of the 1956 Winter Olympics), near the border of Austria.

The town is great, but its main attraction towers around: the massive summits of the Dolomites.


Above, Hotel Europa, our second hotel in Cortina

Below, Views from our balcony



The village, boasts a thousand-year old remarkable historical background.


Cortina is also known as the "Regina delle Dolomiti" - Queen of the Dolomites -

since it is in the heart of the wonderful Dolomites.


Above, the eighteenth-century parish church (Chiesa parrocchiale)

A whole book has been written about the campanile (belltower),

which took many attempts to get right.

 It's the most notable landmark in the town centre.


Above and below - memories of Cortina