The "Loop" with Passo Tre Croci and Passo Cimabanche

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We started up the Passo Tre Croci from the front door of our Hotel


Riding the loop in this direction yields a steep uphill and a great downhill!


There were field of wildflowers forever.


It's hard to stop taking pictures of the mountains, forests, and fields.


The clouds and scenery were constantly changing.


The shade of the forests looked quite inviting.  It was very warm in the sun.



Ah, the cooling waters of Lago Misurina



Yes, we are in horse country.  Below, horses everywhere.


Below left - passo Tre Croci        Below right -  Lago di Landro


Below - We are very close to the Austrian border, as reflected in the architecture.


Below - Passo Cimabanche


Below - Judith coming down the gorge into Cortina