Cinque Torri was only a half-day hike, but fantastic!

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Cinque Torri, meaning "Five Towers", is a group of actually more than 5 towers

that lies on the south slopes of Falzarego Pass above Cortina d'Ampezzo.

We started our hike at the trailhead for trail 419 near Passo Falzarego.


Reflections in Alpine lakes along the way



We mostly stayed on trails, but sometimes wandered off to explore.


The scenery changes around every corner, from pasture to lakes to spectacular rock formations.


Sometimes, as below, moving just a few meters changes the composition.



After seeing nothing but rocks for quite a climb, a grand vista suddenly appears at the top.


Some of the rocks were challenging for a few people.


Once again, after hiking over a rocky climb, we caught our first glimpse of Cinque Torri.



The five main towers are:

Torre Grande, split into three blocks known as Cima Sud, Cima Nord and Cima Ovest.

Seconda Torre , made of Torre Lusy, Torre del Barancio and Torre Romana

Terza Torre is also known as Torre Latina

Quarta Torre made of Alta and Bassa

Quinta Torre also known as Torre Inglese