We toured Bolzano and the surrounding countryside

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Above - Last night our bikes arrived and we were transported by van to Bolzano.

On the warmup ride, Judith saw a castle up on a hill and decided we should ride up there.

When we saw the sign for Castelli Appiano, followed the markers up the hill.


The route went through the vineyards above and led to the Mission below.


Below - Follow the signs to the castle


Below - Two other castles along the way


Of course, the road to the castle certainly had some 20%+ sections

Below - Burgschenke Hocheppan (German) or Castel Appiano (Italian)


Below, left - the road down from the castle actually went through this house


Above, right - Art pieces along the bike path back to Bolzano

Below - Buildings on the Piazza Walther


Bolzano is a small city simply laid out around one immense public square,

the Piazza Walther, or Waltherplatz, lined with cafes, shops, hotels, and an imposing

sandstone Gothic cathedral topped by a multicolored tile roof,  Il Duomo di Bolzano (below)


To the west of the Piazza Walther is the Gothic Dominican church

(13th century) with fine late 14th century frescoes (Below).


Bolzano is the capital city of South Tyrol, the most German region in the northern part of Italy.

 Bolzano is the largest city of its region and its archaeological museum

is worldwide famous, because it is the home of the Iceman Otzi.