Friday, 9.22.00 – Linz, Austria Rest Day

We were hoping for a beautiful sunshiny day today, but it didn’t quite happen. It was mostly overcast and we just didn’t get the photos we wanted. We did have a good time though. We went to the ARS Electronic Center first. This is quite a place. We paid 10 dollars for an all-day pass.

Inside, you can choose to experience the virtual reality cave, the Internet café, the robot-operated garden (controlled by users on the internet), the city being built by robots controlled by internet users all over the world, or the computer room (each is a different floor of the building). We spent most of the time in the computer room sending emails back home. From the Internet café on the third floor we could look out through the glass windows (surround the building) and take in the entire panorama of Linz. We used the view to choose where we would go next.

After hiking up to see the ruins of the castle, and snapping pictures in the garden, we systematically explored the city. By the end of the day we were pretty much "shopped out" and toured out. The city is rich in historic buildings and churches and a shopper’s heaven.

At the hotel, we talked to some others who found a great Italian restaurant nearby, and we decided it would be a nice place to eat dinner. However, when we arrived there, we discovered that the others had been turned away for lack of reservations. But we were lucky.

Our companion for dinner was the German-speaking rider that was with us on the train adventure. He convinced the hostess (with the addition of a story we’ll never quite know) that we would eat fast and be on our way before the diners with the 8:00 PM reservations (it was after 7:00 PM already). Unbelievably we were finished with dinner before 7:45 PM and able to have a short conversation before retiring for the night.

The service was excellent, and the food was magnificent. Since we were struggling with the menu, the chef came to the table and informed us in English of all the wonderful vegetarian courses that he could prepare for us. This is a great city. We like it here. Jot the name of this place down for future reference.