5/15 Sat We checked out of Il Porto and received  a bottle of wine as a going away present.

We drove to Assisi and met the keyholder to our next villa late afternoon. This place is great!

Its at the top of a hill with a 360 degree view. We can see Assisi from all of our windows.

There is a remote operated gate, huge garden with roses, cherry trees with ripe cherries,

an herb garden with fresh herbs and arugula, and a huge swing hung from a very old oak tree.

And were the only ones staying here!


We enjoyed the evening with a fire in the fireplace and wine and cheese, after a great dinner.

Of course it rained the entire day, but so far its still fun.

5/16 Sun What a strange day. It rained the entire day, but there was lots going on.

Assisi is the City of Peace (Pace in Italian), and there was a humungous peace walk

with thousands of people that tied up traffic for the entire day.

It was interesting but we won't bore you with marching crowd photos.


Above - Most of the streets in Assisi go up or down.

Below - There were patches of sunshine, as we walked all over Assisi.


Above - The streets of Assisi          Below - The Basilica di San Francesco


Below - The Temple of Minerva was erected in the 1st century BC


In 1539 the inner sanctum was transformed into the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Below - A field of red poppies near our villa