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9/28/2015 - Today was the fifth day of our stay in Cinque Terre

Last Day of Hiking - Corniglia to Vernazza to Monterosso

Today began cloudy and breezy but ended sunny and in the 70s - a wonderful

last day of hiking! We took an early train south to Corniglia then hiked the very scenic

trail to Vernazza and from there on back to Monterosso. We weren't as high in the hills

as on the previous hiking days, but it was still very challenging and spectacular!

A great end to our vacation!


ABOVE - View of Corniglia from the trail as we hiked higher and higher


ABOVE - As Corniglia fades from view, the hike toward Vernazza plods on!


ABOVE - Cactus and aloe along this section of trail on our way down to Vernazza


ABOVE - Views of  Vernazza as we begin the hike up the other side, toward Monterosso


ABOVE - Last views of Vernazza and first views of Monterosso


ABOVE RIGHT - Where else could you ever find someone selling fresh

squeezed orange juice on the trail? Only 2 euros a glass!

There was a line of hot hikers waiting to buy some.


ABOVE LEFT - Last stretch of trail into Monterosso