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9/25/2015 - Today was the second day of our stay in Cinque Terre

Hiking Cinque Terre from Riomaggiore to Manarola to Corniglia

Today we took the train to the last most southern of the Cinque Terre towns -

Riomaggiore, then hiked from there to the next town, Manarola.

After exploring there, we hiked to Corniglia then took the train back to Vernazza.

All of the trails are steep and go high above the towns through terraced vineyards.

Judith's pedometer recorded 9 miles and 22,000 steps - a very hard day of hiking!


ABOVE - Main street in Riomaggiore. We love the wash hanging out.

BELOW - Heading up into the hills above Riomaggiore.


BELOW LEFT - Looking back down toward Riomaggiore. The Via Dell'Amore

(Trail of Love) can be seen along the coast - it is the easy path that

most tourists take but is now closed for repairs.

Unfortunately, this put more hikers on our higher path (sentieri).

The Via dell'Amore got it's name because it was a popular

romantic meeting spot for lovers from the two towns.


BELOW - Looking north toward our second town, Manarola



BELOW - Entering Manarola, the second town of the Cinque Terre


BELOW - View back toward Manarola as we start the hike up out of town

We just love the jumble of pastel colored buildings in all of the five towns.


BELOW - High in the hills now above Manarola, we could see lots of terraced vineyards.

It has been estimated that there are 3000 miles of rock walls in the

hills of Cinque Terre - more than the Great Wall of China!


BELOW - View of Corniglia as we head down to the town


BELOW - We continued to descend through the vineyards down to Corniglia.


BELOW -  Corniglia. It was cloudy when we got there, so we took few pics of the town.


Tonight's sunset from Vernazza waterfront.