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9/24/2015 - Today was the first day of our stay in Cinque Terre

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

We left Santa Margherita on the train and an hour later (many stops in between)

we were in Vernazza, one of the 5 towns of Cinque Terre.

Vernazza has a small natural harbor overseen by a castle and old stone church,

and is considered the "jewel" of Cinque Terre (Five Lands).


ABOVE - We took the train to Vernazza and walked through the town to our apartment.

Vernazza has only one main street and lots of hidden passageways.

We were met at the train staton by Guily, the owner of our apartment (for the next three days).

She led us the short way down the main street, then up about 100 steep steps

through narrow passageways to the apartment. The apartment is amazing - The first floor

is the bedroom, the 2nd floor is the living room and kitchenette,

and the bath is downstairs (ground floor). Then another flight up leads to the roof garden.


BELOW - Some of the buildings on the harborfront piazza. Only certain "acceptable" colors

of paint are allowed in the towns of Cinque Terre. Multi-colored umbrellas

belong to all of the bars and restaurants around the piazza.


BELOW MIDDLE - Interior of the Church of St. Margaret of Antioch in the piazza.

Built in 1318 in Ligurian Gothic style. It has three naves and an octagonal steeple 40m high .


BELOW - We walked upthe trail toward Monterosso to a spot overlooking Vernazza.

I shot a series of pics over about 45 minutes as the sun set.

The light kept changing on Vernazza as the sun moved lower in the sky.


BELOW - On the trail between Vernazza and Monterosso we had a great view back to

Vernazza and the harbor. This is the viewpoint for great late afternoon and sunset pictures.

We arrived at our spot around 6pm and I shot a series of pics over about 45 minutes.

The light kept changing on Vernazza as the sun dropped lower in the sky


BELOW - Watching the sun set from Vernazza harbor (approximately 7:20pm).