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9/23/2015 - Today was the sixth day of our stay in Santa Margherita

Hiking over Mount Ruta, down to Punta Chiappa,

up to San Rocco and down to Camogli

For our last day of hiking in Portofino National Park, we took the bus to Ruta

where our "trail di giorno" began. It started as a gradual ascent in the shade

but that didn't last long!! Once again we had lots of steep UPs and DOWNS

plus about a million stairs each way (Judith's estimate) We went over Mt Ruta

at 450m then descended to Punta Chiappa on the sea.

Then we hiked UP again for another 400-500m (mostly stairs) to San Rocco,

then DOWN again to Camogli on the coast where we caught the return bus

back to Santa Margherita. It was a spectacular, sunny 75 degree day.

And after the rain/wind from yesterday cleared the air, we enjoyed an

amazing view of snow-covered Alps early on our hike. This was

definitely a difficult hike, and reminded us of  the Tour de Mont Blanc!


The trail started as a nice gradual ascent from Ruta - probably 8 to 10% grade.


The maps along the trails were fantastic and the trails were well marked.


BELOW - LOTS of stairs on this STEEP trail


BELOW - Always nice to find a flat rock so we can take a "selfie".

I have a small tripod that wraps around tree branches, etc. but flat rocks are always easier.


BELOW - Glad there were some rails and chains to keep us from slipping!

Unfortunately, I slipped on one of the trails and slammed against a chain

and developed a huge hematoma on my back. Fortunately nothing else was injured.

I was just trying to go too fast on a downhill! There were crews all over

the mountain shoring up trails. There were lots of landslides.


BELOW - We continued down for a long time to finally reach Punta Chiappa.

The pics below show the trail to the Batteries.


BELOW - Fred at the Batteries. These are bunkers from World War II


ABOVE and BELOW - Punta Chiappa is a 50m outcropping of rock on one side of the

Portofino Peninsula. Even though Punta Chiappa is made of rough rocks, there were lots

of sunbathers out there.


BELOW - We still have to hike back up to San Rocco, then down to Camogli -

several miles. We discovered later that there are about 900 steps from Punta Chiappa

up to San Rocco. And thatís on the easy trail. There is a much steeper

but shorter trail that we accidentally did NOT take!