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9/17/2015 - Today was the seventh day of our Terruggia Bicycle Tour -

Cycling up to the hilltowns of Conzano, Camagna, Vignale, and Frasinello

Beautiful sunny, warm day. We headed out early for our last day of cycling.

We climbed lots of hills and explored several hilltowns. The most notable were

Conzano, Camagna, Vignale and Frasinello. A wonderful end to two weeks of cycling.

The bikes were picked up at 3pm - darn!


ABOVE - Still a little fog early morning but much more beautiful than yesterday.

Camagna in the distance - another hill, another hilltown!


ABOVE LEFT - Close-up of the wall mural on the town wall as we entered Camagna

ABOVE RIGHT and BELOW - Chiesa di Sant Eusebio, the main church in Camagna,

originally built in the 13th century


Unfortunately, none of these small hilltown chiesas are open for visits - Judith tries every door!


ABOVE - Looking back toward Camagna as we descend and then climb up to Vignale


ABOVE LEFT - Still climbing toward Vignale

ABOVE MIDDLE and RIGHT - Chiesa di Sant Bartolomeo in Vignale


ABOVE LEFT - Close-up of statues on roof of Chiesa di Sant Bartolomeo

ABOVE RIGHT - Sadly, our ride is nearly finished - two more hilltowns in the distance