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9/16/2015 - Today was the sixth day of our Terruggia Bicycle Tour -

Cycling up to the hilltowns of Rosignano and Cella Monte

We could barely see through the fog this morning

but after we headed out for a ride, it gradually cleared.

We climbed to Rosignano then down and up again to Cella Monte.

All of the ups are at least 15%.


ABOVE - Foggy view from our apartment this morning, and on the climb to Rosignano


ABOVE - Chiesa d' Sant Vittore in Rosignano built in 1507


ABOVE LEFT- Chiesa di Sant Antonio built in the 12th century

ABOVE RGHT- Climb to Cella Monte with Rosignano in the background


ABOVE - In Cella Monte. Cella Monte was a past winner of "European Competition

for "Towns & Villages in Bloom" - and we saw flowers everywhere throughout the town.


Just beyond the church above, we stopped at a cafe for lunch.