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9/09/2015 - Today was the fifth day of our Cyclomundo Bicycle Tour -

Challenging Piedmont: The Realm of Italian Legends

Asti Casale Monferrato (86.9 km/54 miles, 1,215 meters/3,995 ft. of climbing)

Today began a little cooler (in the 60s) with some morning clouds,

but was sunny and in the 70s for the afternoon.

We had several hard climbs (4000 feet total) with steep grades,

and rode through fields of beans, tomatoes, corn and truffle preserves.

We were mostly on small roads with few cars.


ABOVE - Heading out of Asti. Our first climb took us to the chapel of Madonna di' Viatosto
Lots of wildflowers and golden fields of beans


We visited San Secondo and Montechiaro


BELOW - We stopped at a Truffle preserve and looked but couldn't find any truffles


Too many 15% grades in this area!. Just one more steep section and we'll be in Robella.

The yellow field is some kind of beans - leaves of the plants have turned yellow/gold.


After lunch in Robella, we followed up with a great descent and lots of switchbacks.


BELOW - Gabiano Monferrato on the hill