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September 27, 2017 - Our second day on Hvar Island

Today we essentially rode up and down a ridge that spanned the opposite length

of Hvar Island from where we rode yesterday. We constantly had views of sea,

mountains on the mainland and other neighboring islands,

and rode through many small villages.


ABOVE LEFT - Preparing for the morning start after a short transfer from the hotel

ABOVE MIDDLE - Nice flower garden at the restaurant that served our picnic lunch.

ABOVE RIGHT - On the patio - hungry for the picnic


ABOVE LEFT - Traditional Croatian picnic lunch in the small village of Selca

ABOVE MIDDLE - Every day on our trip, we have passed homes that were bombed

during the 1991 war. Some have been rebuilt; others have been left in ruins.

ABOVE RIGHT - View of mountains on the mainland


ABOVE LEFT -Fred, Sue and Kristina stopped to enjoy the view.

ABOVE MIDDLE - View on our descent of the Adriatic and mountains on the mainland

ABOVE RIGHT - Another coastal view on our descent


ABOVE LEFT - Bob and Fred stuffing their bike stuff into their backpacks for the boat trip.

ABOVE MIDDLE - Our cycling ended in Sucuraj, at the tip of Hvar. We transferred to the

Pelješac Peninsula on a private yacht - and the fun began! This was way better than

the larger ferries we've taken on other transfers. As soon as the yacht left port,

the captain served "traditional rakija" (grappa), then the music began.

Didn't take long for our guide, Robi and Ally to start the dancing.

ABOVE RIGHT - Judith and Sue "enjoying" the rakija


ABOVE LEFT - Now this is the way to travel!

ABOVE MIDDLE - Close-up of us enjoying the boat ride

ABOVE RIGHT - Bob and Sue, chillin'


ABOVE LEFT - Sue capturing the scenery from the boat

ABOVE MIDDLE - Robi, Ally, Katelyn and Kristi have switched to yoga.

It's hard to balance on a moving boat!

ABOVE MIDDLE - We've switched to yoga

ABOVE RIGHT - Heading toward port on the Pelješac Peninsula. From there we had a

van transfer to the opposite side of the peninsula then another short private boat ride to the

island of Korčula where we will stay for two nights - it is a complex task to transfer 14 cyclists,

 bikes and luggage from one island to another. We are impressed with how

smoothly Croatia Cycling has this handled for us!


ABOVE LEFT - View from the boat

ABOVE MIDDLE - End of the boat ride, as we pull into port!

ABOVE RIGHT - Approaching the town of Korčula on the island of Korčula - where we will

stay for two nights. The town of Korčula is known for the medieval towers and walls

fortifying its harbor. Its central square features the Cathedral of St. Mark,

begun in the 14th century.