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September 25, 2017 - Ride around Brač Island

Today we took a ferry from Split to Brač Island. We cycled a loop on the island and

enjoyed lunch at an olive oil producer's restaurant. We began the day

with light rain but most of the ride was dry.

Brač is famous for two things: its radiant white stone, used to build Diocletian’s Palace

in Split and the White House in Washington, DC, and Zlatni Rat, the long pebbly beach

at Bol that extends lasciviously into the Adriatic and adorns 90% of Croatia’s tourism posters.

It’s the largest island in central Dalmatia, with several towns, sleepy villages and a dramatic

Mediterranean landscape of steep cliffs, inky waters and pine forests.

The interior is scattered with rocks – the result of the back-breaking labour of women

who, over hundreds of years, gathered the rocks to clear land for

vineyards and olive, fig, almond and sour-cherry orchards.


ABOVE LEFT - Approaching Brač Island - known for olive oil production and its limestone quarries.

ABOVE MIDDLE - Ready to dock on Brač island

ABOVE RIGHT - This small village of Ložišća is located on the west side of Brač,

2 km from the coast. The dominant building is the Parish Church of St. John and Paul.


ABOVE LEFT - Small chapel with a pine tree growing out of the roof in the town of Nerežišća,

located on the crossroads of the island’s main roads and on the slopes of the largest plain on Brač.

ABOVE MIDDLE - Large map of Brač showing the bike route we rode today

ABOVE RIGHT - We passed lots of olive tree fields fenced with stone walls.

The olives on the trees will be ripe and ready to harvest in late October.


ABOVE LEFT - Lunch at the museum of olive oil restaurant

ABOVE MIDDLE - Our guide Robi and driver, Bora - pouring the homemade cherry

rakija (similar to grappa) Rakija is the most common form of Domestic alcohol which is

served throughout Croatia. Real homemade Rakija can be found in many variations

and flavors. We're starting to enjoy having this before most meals - quite tasty! 

ABOVE RIGHT - Ally, Peggy and Katelyn all saying "Živjeli "

(cheers in Croatian) before downing the Rakija


ABOVE LEFT - Brač is known for its many limestone quarries.

The pieces are often polished to look like marble.

ABOVE MIDDLE - Kristina, Katelyn and Sue leading Fred down the mountain.

ABOVE RIGHT - View back down toward the Adriatic after our loop ride (I turned around

and rode back up for the photo). We had a great long descent back to the ferry.


ABOVE LEFT- Brighter sky as we departed Brač to go back to Split

ABOVE RIGHT - Night view of Diocletian's Palace