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September 22, 2017 - Plitvice Lakes National Park

First cycling day - Plitvice National Park

Today we transferred from Zagreb, then got on our bikes and cycled to Plitvice

National Park where we hiked for about 4 miles. Beautiful sunny 70 degree day!

Within the boundaries of this heavily forested national park, 16 crystalline lakes

tumble into each other via a series of waterfalls and cascades. The mineral-rich

 waters carve through the rock, depositing tufa in continually changing formations.

Clouds of butterflies drift above the 18km of wooden footbridges and

pathways that snake around the edges and across the rumbling water.


ABOVE LEFT - Ready to roll! The cycle tour begins!

ABOVE MIDDLE - Our first view of one of the many crystal clear and

vibrantly colored lakes of Plitvice National Park

ABOVE RIGHT - Judith and Sue celebrating our arrival at Plitvice (Plitvicka)


ABOVE LEFT - Judith on the road to Plitvice

ABOVE MIDDLE - Plitvice is one of Europe's most spectacular natural wonders.

Imagine Niagra Falls diced and sprinkled over a heavily forested Grand Canyon.

This pic shows Veliki Slap or Big Waterfall, the biggest of the park's waterfalls

where the Plitvica River plunges 250 ft over a cliff into the valley below.

Due to recent heavy rain, the fall is now a deluge.

ABOVE RIGHT - This was the beginning of Supljara ("Bottomless") Cave.

We climbed up through the slippery cave to another trail overlooking Lower Lakes.


ABOVE RIGHT - Most of our 4 miles walk around the lakes and past the waterfalls

was on these plank walkways. Often the rushing water was

overflowing onto the walks - especially high due to the recent rains.


ABOVE LEFT and MIDDLE - Plitvice is a lush valley of 16 terraced lakes, separated by

natural travertine dams and laced together by waterfalls, boat rides and miles of trails.

ABOVE RIGHT - On the plank walk as we approached the cave. Sue checking out the cave.


ABOVE MIDDLE and RIGHT - Lots of steps up out of the cave.


ABOVE LEFT - Last set of steps out of the cave

ABOVE MIDDLE - View from the top after exiting the cave

ABOVE RIGHT - Looking down at the walkway through the lakes


ABOVE - Looking down at a few of the falls

ABOVE MIDDLE - Crystal clear turquoise water with lots of fish

ABOVE RIGHT - One of many gorgeous lake views


ABOVE LEFT and MIDDLE - We have hundreds of waterfall pics (not to worry, I'm only

posting a few) - everyone was different and more spectacular than the previous one.

ABOVE RIGHT - Never-ending plank walkways around and over the lakes.


ABOVE - Another spectacular waterfall. I've tried to pick photos

that show the different lighting and settings.


ABOVE LEFT - Sunlight through the trees above the waterfall

ABOVE MIDDLE - Another magnificent lake view

ABOVE RIGHT - An electric boat links the upper and lower lakes.


ABOVE LEFT - On the boat back across the lake

ABOVE MIDDLE - One last lake view

ABOVE RIGHT - Our room for the night at Villa Lika

ABOVE - We loved this hotel. The food and staff were awesome!