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September 21, 2017 - Zagreb

Sunny warm day at last!

This morning we met up with our friends, Sue & Bob, their cousins Kristi & Tony

and Croatian natives, Vladka and Vel, who now live in Mountain View and are currently

here visiting family. They kindly agreed to give us a walking tour of Old Town Zagreb.


ABOVE LEFT - Bob, Vel, Tony, Kristi, Judith, Sue & Vladka - ready to start exploring.

The sun is out and it's already warming! Yippee!

ABOVE MIDDLE and RIGHT - Buildings on Jelačić Square


ABOVE LEFT and MIDDLE - Huge market (Dolac) built in 1930 is here every day and jammed with

producers from the surrounding countryside. The red umbrellas are used by all the

vendors throughout the Old Town to indicate "market". They evoke the parasols

that are part of the traditional costume from the region.

ABOVE RIGHT - Church of St. Mark on St. Mark's Square (Markov Trg). The original church

here was from the 13th century but is long gone. The present church's colorful tile roof,

from 1880, depicts two coats of arms. On the left, the red-white checkerboard symbolizes

north-central Croatia, the three lions' heads stand for the Dalmatian Coast, and the marten

(kuna = Croatian money) running between two rivers (Sava & Drava) represents Slavonia,

Croatia's northern panhandle. On the right is the seal of Zagreb, featuring a walled city.


ABOVE LEFT- Inside St. Mark's are frescoes with Bible scenes

and sculptures by the talented 20th century sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

ABOVE MIDDLE - View of the Cathedral from the highest point in the Gradec section of Old Town.

ABOVE RIGHT - Close-up of the bell towers of the Cathedral, and

onion-domed tower of St. Mary's Church.


ABOVE - Gilded Madonna on a pillar in front of the Cathedral

ABOVE MIDDLE - Close-up of Gilded Madonna in front of the Cathedral

ABOVE RIGHT - Vladka and Judith looking at the bronze relief of Zagreb.


ABOVE LEFT- The Opera House

ABOVE MIDDLE - Where to next?

ABOVE RIGHT - Vladka is lighting a candle to wish us sunny weather for the rest of our

vacation. This is under the one remaining stone gate from the old walled city.


ABOVE LEFT- Women in traditional costume selling food at Jelačić Square

ABOVE MIDDLE - Honey bees!

ABOVE RIGHT - Everyone was enjoying the sunny day in street cafes

all over Old Town. Serbian Orthodox Church in the background.


ABOVE LEFT- Jelačić Square features an equestrian statue of Josip Jelačić (1801-59),

a 19th century governor who extended citizens' rights and did

much to unite the Croatias within the Hapsburg Empire.

ABOVE RIGHT - Fred at the Fountain of Life located in front of the Opera Hall