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September 20, 2017 - Zagreb

After a two hour train trip from Ljubljana, we stopped at the border between Slovenia

and Croatia for document check by the Croatian Border Police. Then in another

30 minutes we arrived in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

It was in the high 40s and still gray but at least not raining. We attended a violoncello

concert in a museum, then a rock concert in the park across from our hotel.

All in all, an interesting day.


ABOVE LEFT - Goodbye Slovenia

ABOVE MIDDLE - Main train station (Glavni Kolodvor)

ABOVE RIGHT - Park with Art Museum just in front of the Train Station. Zagreb has a

U-shaped belt of parks, squares and museums that make up the "Green Horeshoe."


ABOVE LEFT - Art Museum

ABOVE MIDDLE - Modern clock on old building in the main square, Jelacic Trg

ABOVE RIGHT - Entrance to the Cathedral (Katedrala)


ABOVE LEFT- Stained glass windows above the altar

ABOVE MIDDLE - View of the organ at the back of the Cathedral. A Cathedral has been

on this site since 1217. It was damaged and rebuilt numerous times with construction

of the current Gothic building completed in 1645. Its Baroque marble furnishings were

completed in the 18th century. A general reconstruction occured around 1900

and two neo-Gothic bell towers were erected.

ABOVE RIGHT - Starting in the late 19th century, the art world began to broaden its definition

of great art, seeking out worthy art originating beyond the esteemed academies and salons

of the day. In Croatia, the focus was on art by untrained peasants; thus the "Naive Art"

Movement. This painted egg is an example that captures humble reality of everyday life.

ABOVE - Night view of lighted art museum and fountain