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September 17, 2017 -  Today began with rain, but the sun finally came out for a

few hours in the afternoon! And we walked all over Ljubljana soaking it up.


ABOVE LEFT - The dragon has been the symbol of Ljubljana for centuries, ever since

Jason (of Argonaut & Golden Fleece fame) supposedly slew one in a nearby swamp.

Four dragons decorate the Art Nouveau Dragon Bridge (Zmajski Most) which was

built from funding of Hapsburg Emperor Franz Josef to rebuild the city after the

1895 earthquake. Dome and bell towers of St. Nicholas Cathedral in the background.

ABOVE MIDDLE - Preseren Square. The wires are actually tubes

carrying water that is “misted” on hot days!

ABOVE RIGHT - National Ballet and Opera Building


ABOVE LEFT  - National Gallery (Narodna Galerija)

ABOVE MIDDLE and RIGHT - Serbian Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius,

built in 1936, soon after the Slovenes joined a political union with the Serbs.

Since 1991, the Serb population continues to grow, as people from the

struggling corners of the former Yugoslavia flock to prosperous Slovenia.


ABOVE LEFT - Beautiful painted interior and marble columns of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

There are no pews because worshipers stand throughout the service.

ABOVE MIDDLE - Altar and colorful frescoes. Many are copies of famous frescoes

that decorate medieval Serbian Orthodox monasteries throughout the Balkans.

ABOVE RIGHT - Frescoes of the ceiling and dome


ABOVE LEFT - Lily pad fountain at Tivoli Park. 

ABOVE MIDDLE - Fred at Tivoli Park. This park is huge and is a favorite spot of Slovenes on summer weekends.

 ABOVE RIGHT - Lots of flowers at Tivoli Park


ABOVE LEFT and MIDDLE - View toward the main promenade (entrance) of Tivoli Park,

which was designed by Ljubljana's favorite architect, Jose Plecnik. The promenade

is lined with Neoclassical pillars and various changing photographic exhibitions

ABOVE RIGHT - Giant pond with lily pads and reflections