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September 9, 2017 - Adriatic Coast

Adriatic Coast - Today we transferred from the Slovenian mountains into Italy

(near Trieste) then back into Slovenia. We had on and off rain, so not many pictures.


ABOVE LEFT - Nova Gorica is split in half by the Italian/Slovenian border. This division

of the city occured as a result of land redistribution after WWII in 1947. This circle is in

commemoration of that event and the re-opening of the border in 2004 when Slovenia

joined the EU. We are standing with one foot in each country!

ABOVE MIDDLE - Today happened to be the 70th anniversary of the city's division. This

local group was singing, accompanied by guitar and accordian as part of the commemoration.

ABOVE RIGHT - Judith spoke with this man who was the accordian player for the

commemoration event. He is wearing a stone bow tie made by his artisan daughter.


ABOVE LEFT - It was pouring on and off during our hike near Trieste along the Adriatic Coast.

Our local guide is a paleontologist who is also studying the relationship of culture

and environment. He gave an informative perspective of the local flora & fauna

ABOVE MIDDLE - Judith is checking out a WWII bunker.

ABOVE RIGHT - On the trail near the castle.


ABOVE LEFT- Your move!

ABOVE MIDDLE - Great lunch at an agriturismo near Trieste, Italy

ABOVE RIGHT - Our starter course - a small vegetable souffle with parmesan crisp - delicious!!


ABOVE LEFT- The man entree - a special pasta

ABOVE MIDDLE - We toured the Old Town of Koper, Slovenia. This crenelated castle,

Pretorska Palaca, is in the main square, Titov Trg. There was an artistic

installation in the square today that included smoke (right bottom of pic).

ABOVE RIGHT - A wedding celebration was in full swing in the square

and the bridge and groom were on the balcony above.

The traditional rice was tossed when they descended the stairs.


ABOVE LEFT- Fancy tiles on some of the buildings

ABOVE MIDDLE - The city of Koper has a long connection to Venice (which is not far

around the Adriatic Coast) and this fountain is a small replica of the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

ABOVE RIGHT - A lot of the architecture in Koper is similar to that of Venice.

This street is a pedestrian zone and had banners and lanterns hanging everywhere