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September 4, 2017 Mostnica

Crystal clear Mostnica stream has carved a 2-kilometer gorge just above the village

of Stara Fužina, which is easily accessible right from the shore of Bohinj Lake.

In some places the stream bed is extremely narrow and the gorges are up to 20 meters high.

In the upper part of Mostnica the valley widens. This is the idyllic valley of Voje.

We followed the Mostnica Gorge to a waterfall today. I feel much better.

Yesterday, I dropped my camera and crunched the lens which left me with just the iphone.

But I was able to partially dismantle my lens last night so I could take photos today.

However I can no longer zoom. Luckily, Judith has a camera that takes decent photos also!


ABOVE LEFT - Spectacular view of the Julian Alps

ABOVE MIDDLE - Lots of small villages along our route with beautiful flowers on houses and restaurants

ABOVE RIGHT - We spent most of the day in thick forest


ABOVE LEFT - The river flowing down the Mostnica Gorge is clear and fast -

running down the gorge from a waterfall several kilometers above.

ABOVE MIDDLE - The Mostnica Gorge is formed partly due to tectonic sinking of the

main Bohinj Valley and partly to glacial deepening caused by erosion of the Bohinj glacier.

In some places the gorge is up to 20 meters deep and the sides are only shoulder width apart.

ABOVE RIGHT - Potholes are the most visible erosion forms seen in the gorge.

These are various round basins in the river bed, usually containing sand and small stones.

The energy of the water swirls the stones around and widens as well as deepens the potholes.

The opening in the rock seen in this picture is between two carved potholes,

It forms a natural window with a rocky arch resembling an elephant's trunk.


ABOVE LEFT - Nancy was at the front of the group (just behind the two guides)

leading us up this steep rocky part of the trail. Good to know her training paid off .

ABOVE MIDDLE - Dessert stop at the mountain hut (off to the right) Delicious

blueberry strudel and chocolate cheese torte - yum! And great view of the Julian Alps.

ABOVE RIGHT - In the Voje Valley - about half way up the hike on the way to the gorge.


ABOVE LEFT - Where are we?

ABOVE MIDDLE - Lots of wildflowers in the Voje Valley. The cattle from the farms below come

up here in the spring to graze. The flavor of their cheese depends on the flowers they eat.

ABOVE RIGHT - The 21 meter high Mostnica Waterfall (slap) at the turning around point in our hike.


ABOVE LEFT - At the Mostnica Waterfall

ABOVE MIDDLE - We crossed many bridges back and forth across the gorge.

ABOVE RIGHT - The clouds were constantly changing shapes and moving in and out of the valley.


ABOVE - Getting ready to eat lunch at the mountain hut. We had the most delicious

 hearty stew made of sauerkraut, beans and potatoes. After we finished lunch,

we hiked for a few more kilometers then stopped at another mountain hut

for dessert. That's my idea of a good hike!! Lots of flora in the park