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September 2, 2017 and we are loving Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We did more walking in Old Town today between showers.

Since it's Saturday, lots of people were out shopping.

Later in the day, our local guide from the Sierra Club trip gave us a walking tour

around the city before our first dinner together.

Unfortunately, it rained and we have no pictures from the tour, but we

really enjoyed learning about the history and culture of the city as well as Slovenia.


ABOVE LEFT - Slovene children singing at the market

ABOVE MIDDLE - Slovenian women shopping in their traditional dress

ABOVE RIGHT - Time for a tasty sweet peach. We learned that the Slovene word

for "sweet" is "Sladke" - glad to learn that is what our street name (Sladky) means!


ABOVE LEFT and MIDDLE - Great looking fruit and vegetables at the market

The Central Market goes on for blocks and blocks. You can also

buy clothing and most anything else you'd want

ABOVE RIGHT - Bronze side door at Ljubljana's Cathedral depicting 20th century

bishops of Ljubljana. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Nicholas,

Protector against floods and patron saint of the fishermen and boatmen

who have long come to sell their catch at the market. Both the side and

main doors were created for Pope John Paul II's visit here in 1996.


ABOVE LEFT - Art deco entrance to the Galerija Emporium department store on Preseren Square

ABOVE MIDDLE - Overhead view of the Triple Bridge (I'm balancing precariously on the rail to get this pic)

ABOVE RIGHT - Reflections of the pink Franciscan Church on the river


ABOVE LEFT - Preseren Square in the early evening - lights just coming on

ABOVE MIDDLE - Anyone for a ride in Cinderella's electric carriage?

 ABOVE RIGHT - Lights on at the Galerija Emporium. This is a great city to explore atnight.


ABOVE LEFT - Triple Bridge in the early evening

ABOVE RIGHT - Moon rising over Ljubljana Castle