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September 1, 2017 and we are in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We woke up to a fabulous sunrise. We discovered that we have one of only

four rooms with a balcony overlooking the Old Town.

Below we have a couple of sunny pics from yesterday and some not-so-sunny pics

today between thunder storms (which we enjoyed since we rarely have them in California).

The break lasted long enough for us to walk UP the steep hill to the castle and back down again.


ABOVE LEFT and MIDDLE - View from the balcony of our hotel room - sunrise over Old Town.

ABOVE RIGHT - Statue of France Preseren in the center of Preseren Square (Presernov Trg).

He was Slovenia's greatest poet, whose works include the lyrics to the Slovenian national anthem


ABOVE LEFT - View of the castle above a pedestrian shopping street

ABOVE MIDDLE - The steep hike UP to the castle started on this street.

ABOVE RIGHT - Looking down to Old Town and Preseren Square from the trail to the castle.


ABOVE - At Ljubljanski Grad (Castle). There has probably been a settlement on this site

since prehistoric times, but the first true fortress was Roman, built in the 12th century.

Today's castle was rebuilt in the 1940s. It offers a fine view looking down over the rooftops

and to the Alps on the horizon.


ABOVE - We walked all around the grounds of the castle, before heading back down.


ABOVE LEFT - Switchbacks of the descent back to Old Town

ABOVE MIDDLE and RIGHT - Interior of St. Nicholas Cathedral - Italian Baroque.

ABOVE - Organ at the back of the cathedral