In the summer of 2002 we were at the Tour De France for the final stage race.

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The next day everyone toured Paris.

The following pictures are from around the City of Lights.




Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower are must-see's in Paris.

Climbing the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame tower make them extra special.

The ultimate is attending a service at the Cathedral.




La Basilique du Sacre Coeur sits on a high hill overlooking all of Paris.

The interior of the church contains one of the worlds largest mosaics,

and depicts Christ with outstretched arms.




The nearby bell tower contains the ``Savoyarde''. Cast in Annecy in 1895,

it is one of the worlds heaviest bells at 19 tons.




Montmartre is famous for its artists, lofts, its maze of narrow streets and staircases and

its authentic village atmosphere.

It was the base camp for most of the famous impressionists in its heyday.




Some of the artists at work.  Portrait artists abound.