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Thursday, August 8, 2002 – Annecy to Bonneville

42 miles and 4000 feet of climbing today in 3 hours.



We began with a nice warmup ride along the lake and then climbed a short distance to the town of Thones –

another great little French town and no time to explore.

We needed to get to Bonneville by 1:30 PM to be transferred by van to Ferney-Voltaire.

This is the last day of the tour and everyone and it was necessary to get us back to the hotel

to disassemble the bikes, box them up, and pack for the trip home.




Just outside of Thones the climb to Col De Croix-Fry began. Since we had a rest day Wednesday,

we both felt pretty good. The grade was mostly 7-8 percent with 2 kilometers of 9 percent.




It was an excellent climb. The temperature was in the 60’s with blue skies and bright sun.

It couldn’t be more perfect for climbing.




We would have taken more pictures but the view was pretty much the same all the way to the top.

Of course the vista was spectacular with mountains in every direction.

There was an optional climb that we should have done but we were worried about time.

As it worked out, we could have easily done the extra miles and

everyone that did was treated with incredible panoramas.




The descent into Bonneville was surprisingly quick and we arrived an hour earlier than expected.

The last 20 kilometers of downhill was almost traffic-free and no braking necessary.

We walked around Bonneville (pronounced bone-vill) and snapped a few pictures. We realized as we strolled about, that we really should have taken more photos that would have depicted the ambience (feeling) of the towns.

We’ve visited Europe enough that we now tend not to take 300 pictures of old buildings and flowers,

but that’s part of the charm.




All of the small towns and villages that we passed through were decorated with flowers.

There were flowers in window boxes, gardens, roadsides – just everywhere.

The traffic circles and entrances to the center ville were small botanical gardens.

The entrance to Bonneville was not only flower-lined but the bridge leading into town was decorated with flags.

We had a small lunch and socialized with some of the other people on our ride.

We didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them as Judith and I were always stopping to snap pictures and

checking out towns, but everyone was very friendly and interesting.